Solfeggio lessons

A novice musician won't be able to work long by simply memorizing compositions; it requires the ability to parse material independently, so sooner or later the question arises of gaining knowledge of solfeggio, which is designed to develop musical hearing and musical memory.

What is solfeggio?

Solfeggio is a practical course in which students learn about musical notation, learn to understand rhythm, read the notes, and record musical pieces on their own. Solfeggio will introduce the mathematical aspect of music, help you understand the structure of musical pieces, and use this knowledge as the basis for proper singing.

Why solfeggio
is needed?

There are no hopeless cases, every student at our school, with the competent support of the teachers, soon begins to understand what notes are and how to work with them, and this is the first important step toward a full-fledged music education.
The laws and formulas of music do not need to be followed precisely; mastering them allows you to create something new, but this is only possible with excellent mastery of basic concepts and practicing performance techniques to perfection. Singing with a twist begins where the vocalist masters the musical canons. Once you've mastered the basic musical rules, you'll be able to perform the song in the tone you're comfortable with, as well as learn how to improvise in different styles and more. And, of course, recording music of your own composition also requires knowledge of musical literacy.



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