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It's no secret that music lessons are not only fun, but also useful. They help develop memory, speech, instill good taste, and enrich with new knowledge. Music is structured and logical, so hours of lessons train the will and build character. Musicians overcome the psychological barrier of working in front of a large-scale audience every time before performing on stage.
The course of solfeggio classes includes:
Music Literacy Instruction.
Solfegging and singing from the sheet.
Development of vocal and intonation skills.
Nurturing a sense of metrical rhythm.
Development of musical hearing.
Writing musical dictations.
Nurturing creative skills.

Teachers at the school are creative and talented people who are constantly improving in their qualities, because we believe that moving forward is the main thing in self-development.
Our teachers know their job and do it with love. After all, all students are bright individuals who require a special approach, which we successfully find.

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